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    Some Problems

    It's fixed now.
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    Smaller issue

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    Horror Fortress (Gamemode Information)

    Gamemode: Horror Fortress Type: Custom Gamemode A gamemode which allows players to play as the Slender Bosses similar to Slender Fortress with extra features and mechanics.
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    Map suggestion

    Not really a Meme map and is also broken, no navmesh for them to move if they're supposed to.
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    Events On Trade Server

    #1 and #3 don't make a lot of sense. #2 would be interesting but that would be for all servers I think.
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    How to rebel: "an in-depth guide"

    I'll be sure to make mechanics for the guards and warden to have which make it harder to Rebel.
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    Some Interactive Issues

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    Wat Is Ur Favorite Vertex Gamemode?

    If only they weren't a ton of money to host, will eventually but not right now.
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    It is a community, not sure why you think otherwise.
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    Hello, glad to see new faces from Karma.
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    Maybe You Could Make AWPer The Default Weapon Here?

    It's better to just add it to the menu to purchase like normal.
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    on hold Developer Application

    On Hold
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    There Was No Inspect Feature In 2007

    Should be blocked now from use.
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    The Undead game isn't starting

    Bug has been fixed.
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    Im Pretty Sure Taunt Kills Didnt Kill In 2007

    Fair enough, updated it to no longer apply damage on taunt kills.
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    Random Warfare (Gamemode Information)

    Gamemode: Random Warfare Type: Default Server with Upgrades and Enhancements A gamemode which takes the Team Fortress 2 formula and adds a unique mechanic which forces players to change their class and weapons loadout every 5-20 seconds at random while the players are active in the map.
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    Trading Central (Gamemode Information)

    Gamemode: Trading Central Type: Default Server with Upgrades and Enhancements A standard trading server with a lot of extras and added benefits in order to enhance the experiences of casual trading and socializing.
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    Medieval Mod (Gamemode Information)

    Gamemode: Medieval Mod Type: Default Server with Upgrades and Enhancements An enhanced version of the standard Medieval Mode that comes with Team Fortress 2.
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    Boss Fortress (Gamemode Information)

    Gamemode: Boss Fortress Type: Custom Gamemode A gamemode based on the VS Saxton Hale gamemode where 1 or multiple players play as bosses while the other team plays against them and they attempt to kill each other.