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  1. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    What a nice day to be older one day

    What a nice day to be older one day
  2. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    Status: infected.. Possible antidotes: none.. This mental illness has no cure

    Status: infected.. Possible antidotes: none.. This mental illness has no cure
  3. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    What's your favorite class, and why?

    My favorite class is dependent of my current mood. This is due to the fact that I like to cosplay ,and it is way more fun if you are more into the general mood or mindset of that mercenary. But I would say that with no doubts the class nr 10 (?) is my most played class.
  4. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    An unececary survey for interrested users

    I noticed there were a few more people joining this forum, and this here is just to ask few simple questions. A) How did they get to notice us. B) Is there a way to make their stay more enjoyable C) did they suffer through the owo mutation of casual + D) What is in your opinion the most...
  5. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    He is in the Zones lads

    He is in the Zones lads
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    a very smart comment?

    a very smart comment?
  7. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    Event Idea

    There could be 3 kinds of events i could think of A) All switch all players switch to the same loadout B) Classic Randomiser Randomiser but None of the classes and weapons fit but it still switches after the normal 6 seconds C)Tactical Randomiser Only Meele and Secondarys allowed no primary...
  8. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    undead got more bugs again

    can you send a picture or a name of the malfunctioning weapons?
  9. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    The Build your Boss idea

    Build Your Boss a function that would allow a player to create his own Boss. How would it work: There would be two systems A) a Rank system The higher your vertex level the better parts you have access to, though some will be locked behind total wins. B) a Point system Where each boss...
  10. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    Smaller issue

    if a player was the boss in a previous round and changed to red he continues to have this high jump if he presses [jump button]
  11. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    Some Interactive Issues

    New problem found the cave zombie spawn locks players in the celling if they spawn there it is anying if you do !playzombie since then your stuck untill your a kicked of inactivety or b, you kill bind yourselfe
  12. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    Some Interactive Issues

    Right now in the current state of the map und_nacht_der_untoten it is inpossible to interact with both juggernog and speedcola this causes the players to have no max health upgrade nor the chance to gain a higher reloading speed this issue is causeing way harder higher rounds for the...
  13. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    Map suggestion

  14. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    Wat Is Ur Favorite Vertex Gamemode?

    that aint a gamemode but kay
  15. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    Events On Trade Server

    well if we can make a mvm map of the trade server so that if one happens it randomely changes to the mvm map with 2 points you need to defend (to make the game easyer) and 3 point from where you can lose
  16. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    Trying to make a Event

    Trying to make a Event
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    i dont know where you got that from but dam nice meme
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    A bug and suggestion list

    Fortressland Bugs 1.RED wins if they have no or any point caped 2.Skeletons start to decese only if they have been split 3.No Point values showen for curses and Traps 4. The bosses HHH and Merasmuss always go to the last caped red point 5. the Dungeon master can stop players from caping if he...
  19. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    For now waiting for players

    For now waiting for players
  20. NaseGruss922 (Lost)

    Wat Is Ur Favorite Vertex Gamemode?

    I like Randome Warfare it is quite neat it isn't too randome for the game to just be luck based but my possible favourite is SPY party if it comes out